Love Notes


Remneek & Nishant

We loved working with Jewella! 

She is a professional in every sense. Knowledgeable about the industry, great at developing timelines, and executing the details of your big day. You can let go and relax on your wedding day with her in your corner. 

Not only is she great at her work she is a lovely person. She helps to calm people down, bring the energy up when needed, and be a voice of reason when things feel chaotic. 

I would highly recommend her for your events as you will feel she is apart of your journey with the time and attention she brings to your events. 


Thank you 

Remneek & Nishant 


Charene & Russel

Russel and I would just like to thank you again and again for all your hard work! Our day was truly beautiful and flowed amazingly because of you. Your time, dedication and positive energy is very much appreciated. You work so well on the busiest days however you can’t even notice, because you are so great at what you do. We will definitely be recommending you to family and friends for their special days to come.

Thanks again!

Love, Mr. & Mrs. Kanhai!


Sanjna & Sumit

It is with much pride and happiness that I witnessed my dear friend start this business and build it up with hard work and dedication. Jewels has done an outstanding job by putting her full passion and commitment to work and the fruits of her labor have shown. From watching her hustle and go to event after event to having the honor of her coordinate my special day was an honor. I couldn't be any more happier and more proud to work with you on a professional level and call you a gem of a friend. Having a big wedding with trying to keep it all under control was one thing but having the peace of mind to be able to rely on Puja and Jewels was the most satisfying thing for me. They were there for me each time i felt anxiety or like something was not the way i planned and assured me "we got it under control" sometimes thats all you need amongst the chaotic evening. Jewel Events will always be my top recommendation for any large event because from experience they can make your event the most blissful and smooth experience that you need it to be. As a couple you are truly the priority and that is everything! 


Amelia & Ahilan

Hiring Jewella was the best decision we made for our wedding. Jewella was very helpful throughout the process of wedding planning. I was lost at the beginning, but after meeting with Jewella she helped us narrow down our options for venues, photographers, videographers, and décor. Her planning skills are beyond amazing, as every one of our guest were amazed at how organized our wedding reception went, and complimented Jewella on her work. She was able to provide us with a detailed itinerary, to have our vendors, MC and bridal party follow. Both my husband and I were able to enjoy our reception knowing everything was taken care of by Jewella. She had a guest welcomed and seated while we were able to relax before our grand entrance. We would also like to thank Jewella for being on top of everything, even reminding us to capture a picture together at our photo booth. My husband and I highly recommend Jewella for your big day, she’s amazing!


Alicia & Omar

This love note holds our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for everything Jewella has done for us. Words will never be able to encapsulate what an honor it was to have our dear friend coordinate the day-of. We are still in awe when we look back on everything that was done for us before, during and after the wedding. Truth be told, there was never a doubt that we were in the best hands possible as Jewella’s attention to detail and her passionate drive for planning events is incredibly mind-blowing.

Planning a wedding in 4 ½ months brought upon a whirlwind of emotions but Jewella was always readily available every step of the way; providing genuine advice, making recommendations and finding the best solutions possible. She literally kept us in check, every step of the way and connected us with the best of the best vendors which will never go unnoticed. She is a Jill of all trades; not only did she assist with coordinating the day of the wedding which included relieving any forms of stress, she also took on the task of being our divine décor Goddess. Jewella was responsible for creating our stunningly gorgeous floral arrangements for both the head table and twenty-two centerpieces. The level of detail incorporated into creating the floral decorations was executed beautifully. Her intentions were always exceptionally pure, and she always aimed to give us her very best.

When the actual day of the wedding arrived, both Jewella and Puja brought their best foot forward and were on top of every single component for the wedding ceremony and reception. They went above and beyond to ensure everlasting memories were created and our vision for our magical day was executed. Everything progressed smoothly and on schedule which allowed us to feel truly relaxed but most importantly, gave us the opportunity to take in the beautiful moment. To this very day, our guests reminisce on our special day and have spoken very highly about how professional, kind-hearted and courteous you both were which was wonderful to have receive that positive feedback. You are both a blessing! 

Thank you again ladies from the bottom of our hearts for assisting with making our day as perfect as possible and for making our wedding day a dream come true.

With love and gratitude,

Junior (Juju) & Alicia (Squish) 


Keleigh & Monim

Jewella was an amazing planner, as well as a wonderful person inside and out. We were looking for someone who would “get us”, as we are unique as well as our wedding! Blending two wonderful cultures is never easy, and we are so happy we entrusted Jewella with planning our special wedding day! She ensured we stayed on target, our vendors in line at all times and made sure everything was just perfect right down to the last minute details on the wedding day. We can’t be more thankful for having her as things would get hectic, being by our side to help with advice, her wide array of helpful contacts, attention to details and always being available. We would recommend Jewella/Jewel Events a million times over to everyone! We are over the moon with how much we could enjoy our wedding day together, without having the stress of all the little things! Thank you for making our marriage be a perfect memory that will last us a lifetime!

With love, 

Keleigh and Monim Malik 


Anusree & Ryan

Anusree and I are time-pressed, accomplished professionals, who naturally had no time to plan for our big day. Fortunately, we met Jewella, who ensured that it went as smooth as possible! She was able to take care of the many last-minute issues and concerns that we had in the month leading up to our wedding. Furthermore, the day of our wedding, she handled the unforeseen problems that we were in no position to. Our special day would not have gone as smoothly if we didn’t have Jewella on our team. She is an experienced professional who is also personable. She will get the job done for you!


Amy & Josh

Jewella was incredibly easy to get along with when I was talking to her at the wedding show, which told me she was going to be great to work with! Jewella was able to help me sort out anything that was outstanding (in terms of what needed to be done for the wedding). She was able to get us quotes for things incredibly quickly and was able to find a great deal for draping for behind the head table that was absolutely beautiful! After having a meeting with Jewella, she was very helpful in focusing us and organizing an itinerary document, all we had to do was fill it in, for the day of. She was there for our rehearsal and made sure everyone was comfortable with what needed to be done before she took her leave. On the day of the wedding, Jewella made sure everything was in place and ensured that everything followed the itinerary seamlessly. This made the day a lot easier knowing that all of the behind-the-scenes work was taken care of for us. We are very thankful for her all of her help!


Kharishma & Neel

Having a wedding planner was not something we had considered initially; but let me say it now, as we have been singing the song to everyone, taking Jewel Events for full planning & day-of-coordination for our wedding was the BEST decision we have ever made - alongside saying yes to marry each other, of course. From the moment we met with Jewella, we knew that she would be the perfect choice and we would be stress free. Prior to meeting with Jewella we only spoke to her on the phone sharing our vision and ideal vendors we liked, not knowing Jewella was already to work, she had a list and budget sheet for those specific vendors I had mentioned over the phone ready for us during our meeting. Jewella was so professional, well organized, and excited for our vision.  We knew that our dream wedding would come true leaving it in her hands.  I’ve heard it many times that a wedding planner is a waste of money. However, we would say, it was money well spent from beginning to end. From the emailing, corresponding with vendors, building our ceremony and reception itinerary, to keeping us on budget, Jewella was always on top of it all. Neel and I are both workaholics and can’t forget procrastinators.  We both know, without all Jewella’s hard work our wedding wouldn’t have been what it was. Jewel Events/ Jewella went above and beyond to ensure our special day was everything we dreamt of and more than we ever expected it to be. During our wedding Jewella, not only made sure everything ran smoothly, she went the extra mile to ensure our glasses were always filled! The best part, at the end of the night we had nothing to worry about, Jewel Events took care of all our valuables. We could not thank Jewel Events enough and will always remember who made our special day complete. 

If you’re looking for a reliable, hardworking, organized, and professional wedding planner or coordinator with a passion for their clients, we highly endorse Jewella and Jewel Events!!


Kaila & Asim

I was so happy (and very lucky) to have stumbled upon Jewel Events just a few short months before my wedding. I thought I would be able to do the whole planning and co-ordination thing myself but boy was I wrong! I really can’t say enough about Jewella and how she literally made our wedding look magical! She listened to everything thing we wanted and envisioned and made it happen. She’s very detailed oriented, organized and professional. She executed every task exactly how we discussed; down to the smallest things such as the way I wanted a piece of fabric draped! On the day of our wedding when I saw how our hall looked it brought tears to my eyes! Throughout the Ceremony and Reception Jewella had everything under control, our whole timeline for the night went off without a hitch. Not to mention, she is a super sweet person and always made sure our glasses were full and that we were happy! Thank you so much Jewella! I couldn’t be happier that we met and I’ll never forget how special you helped make our day.


Rupi & Rishi

We came across Jewel Events at a wedding show and let me just say, one of the best decisions we ever made! My husband & I had absolutely no worries on the day of our event because Jewella and her team were so on top of everything. During our final details meeting, Jewella was able to point out things that never even crossed my mind, which I was so thankful for! She was very accommodating and open to helping with anything else that we needed, which was such a comforting feeling.


On the day of our event, this team went above and beyond to ensure everything on the itinerary was followed flawlessly - even our seating chart of 600+ guests. We were able to truly enjoy our event, every moment of it, and it was all thanks to Jewella and her team. Thank you again ladies for being so supportive, helpful, wonderful to work with and ensuring our event was executed as perfectly as possible. 


With Love,

Rishi & Rupi


Cheryl & Anil

My fiance and I decided to get married within 8 months of being engaged. Since most people take over a year to plan their wedding, we were a bit nervous if we could pull it off, but when we met with Jewels she assured us she would make the short time period work. Jewels delivered nothing less than perfection. Our wedding day was more than we ever expected it to be. It sounds a bit cliche but I can honestly say our wedding day was the best day of my life.If I'm being honest, I was a bit of a lazy bride. Jewels took care of every small detail that I probably would have never got done. She was always on the ball and had a solution to every problem I had within an hour. When an issue with our minister occurred, one week before our wedding, we feared that we wouldn't be able to get married! I told Jewels about this and within 30 minutes she had us booked for a meeting with another minister who we landed up hiring (and absolutely loved!).On the day-of, we decided to hire Jewel Events' coordinator, Puja and Jewel Events' MC, Athena. Puja made sure nothing went wrong. To be honest, even if something did, I had no idea because Puja made sure it was solved before I even knew about it. Athena was bubbly, funny, and warm. A lot of my guests assumed I knew her forever. With Puja and Athena working together, everything was executed wonderfully. As I mentioned before, our wedding day was the best day of my life. I owe all of that to Jewel Events. Thank you so much Jewels, Puja & Athena!!


Jann & Guitar

It was a delight to have Jewella to coordinate our wedding day. On the day of the wedding, she followed the itinerary that I had given her and was able to rely on her for the things needed to get done; even to the smallest details like moving the podium in the middle or making sure that my glass is filled with the drink of my choice. It was really helpful at the end of the night, when Jewella and her team made sure all of my decor and personalized items were packed up in the car. It was assuring to know things that I had spent so much of my time organizing and creating were taken care of. We were glad to have the help of Jewel Events on our big day!

justine harval-1.jpg

Justine & Harval

The team at Jewel Events went above and beyond to ensure our special day was everything we dreamt of. From working with us to develop a realistic itinerary, to ensuring payments to vendors were made on the day-of, we had nothing to worry about.  The coordinators walked through all details of the wedding day with us in the month leading up to the big day, helping us feel completely at ease. No question was too big or small for the team at Jewel Events, as they constantly proved their dedication through numerous e-mail correspondences with us and our other vendors. The ladies at Jewel Events ensured a flawless wedding day was executed, and we cannot thank them enough!If looking for a diligent, organized, and professional wedding planner or coordinator with a passion for their clients, we encourage you to contact Jewel Events!


Sadhna & Raw

Well where do we begin? Hiring Jewella as our day-of planner for our wedding reception was hands-down one of the best decisions we made. On top of making sure she was up to speed on all our vendor details and on everything we wished to accomplish during our reception, she also made it her duty to ensure that we enjoyed our special day. We were especially impressed by her ability to manage our 24-person wedding party plus, even more of a challenge, our parents! Her enthusiasm about everything we had planned, along with her professional advice that only comes from years of experience in the business, made her services priceless in our eyes. Thank you so much Jewella for the seamless execution of the wedding reception of our dreams!! :)


Casandra & Davin

Having a wedding day co-ordinator wasn't something we had initially considered, but looking back now after it is all over, it was the best decision we ever made. We put an extensive amount of work into every detail of our wedding day, and we needed to be sure it would be in the hands of a trustworthy person that would be capable of carrying it through. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, we knew that Jewella would be the perfect choice. She was professional, organized and understood exactly what we needed. We immediately clicked and synced to the point where we were finishing each other's sentences. Prior to the wedding, Jewella responded to every call and text in a timely matter, provided advice and resources to help us build our itinerary, and even went so far as to gift us with a pair of lovely champagne flutes engraved with our names and date of the wedding!On the day of our wedding, we had a tight schedule with our Hindu ceremony and reception all in the same day. Jewella was on top of every task, handled everything that was thrown at her, made sure everyone and everything was on time and in place, and overall ensured the day went like clockwork. Not only did it take a huge burden off of our shoulders, but it also allowed us to take a step back and enjoy each and every special moment. Our wedding day went exactly as we had imagined and we couldn't have done it without Jewella. Not only did we have an amazing wedding day but we both gained a new friend. We highly recommend Jewella and Jewel Events for any of your wedding planning needs!


Tania & Kavi

We had the pleasure of having Ashley coordinate our two wedding days- and we are so thankful for her! Before the events we sat down and ran through day of details and talked through my questions and concerns. On the day’s of it was such a relief to have someone to look to and rely on when things needed to get done. I can’t stress enough how helpful it was to have her there, if you are on the fence about getting a planner look no further- Ashley & Jewel Events are game changers!


Jasmine & Raj

We can’t thank Athena and Jewella enough for their hard work and dedication on our big day. They were beyond amazing to work with and if we had the chance to redo our day we would have chosen them from the beginning. Athena and Jewella both assured Raj and I were in good hands and proved it. We received nothing but compliments on how much fun our guests had and how beautiful the wedding was. It's because they took on the stress, Raj and I were able to enjoy every part of our wedding. Athena was kind enough to stay back and help us pack even though it wasn't required. Athena and Jewella are amazing at what they do and go above and beyond for their clients. I can go on and on about how great they are. Thank you both for being a part of our wedding and making it more than what we wanted. You guys are truly remarkable.


Simpy & Rajpaul

Hiring Jewels as our day-of coordinator was an excellent decision! From the moment we met with Jewels, we both felt at ease and immediately connected (one of the main things we look for in vendors is the ability to build a genuine friendship- one that makes both our jobs enjoyable). The consultation and meeting before the wedding was extremely helpful and being able to work together in creating an itinerary that was both realistic and thoroughly organized- was so worthwhile! We found that we were able to contact Jewels as often as we needed to in the months leading up to the wedding, never feeling unwelcomed. Jewels was able to provide us referrals to other vendors and offered advice in our high times of wedding stress! The day of our wedding reception was a true testament to Jewels' work ethic and bubbly nature: the night ran smoothly and our families as well as ourselves were able to enjoy the day we had spent so many months planning. We would like to thank you again Jewels - for your positivity, passion and hard work -you did amazing job!

Cristina & Stephen 2.jpg

Cristina & Stephen

We had the pleasure of having Jewella as our Day of Planner! From the ceremony to late night dancing, she made it so easy for us to enjoy our wedding day and be present in the moment. With Jewella on our team of professionals, we did not have to stress about anything being missed or going wrong. Jewella not only completed all the tasks asked of her, but she also went above and beyond her call of duty by taking note of any problems that arose, thinking of possible solutions, and presenting us with the information and options on how to proceed. In this way, she allowed us to really enjoy our wedding day, and not dwell on mishaps. She ensured that all our decorations at the hall were set up beautifully, she set up our wedding cakes in a gorgeous arrangement and ensured that all went smoothly the entire day. We and our family members are so appreciative that we had the pleasure to work with Jewella and for her immense help on our wedding day. We would highly recommend her to anyone planning their wedding. THANK YOU, Jewella!


Joyce & Victor

We had the pleasure of having Jewella coordinate the ceremony and reception for our July wedding. In advance of the wedding, she was already so helpful using her expertise to help build and review our timeline for the day. The week of the wedding, she came over and went over every last detail with me, which showed me how knowledgeable and capable she was. This definitely lowered the stress that had been building up the previous days!! On the day of the wedding, Jewella came to me, clipboard at the ready, and immediately started to take charge. She made sure everyone had their flowers, and that the wedding party was lined up for the ceremony to start. Jewella cued everyone down the aisle and made sure everything turned out as I had dreamed it! At the reception, she was a superstar, running around, chatting with the other vendors and made sure everything was aligned and on time according to the schedule. Everyone always knew where they needed to be and at what time. Nothing was missed. Thank you Jewella for helping us achieve the day of our dreams!

Shivanie & Andy Highlight_-111-X2.jpg

Shivani & Andy

There aren’t even enough words to describe how thankful I am for Ashley and all she did for my husband and I for our big day! First off, I wasn’t sure at first that I wanted a wedding coordinator, because I’m very picky and like to get things done myself. But as planning continued and the wedding got closer I was starting to lose my mind lol. 
Just before my wedding, Ashley returned from a long trip and drove quite a distance to meet with me the night before my wedding. She stayed pretty late and refused to leave until she made sure every detail was covered. I was stressed and Ashley was there not only to coordinate but to help relieve my anxiety. She mingled with my family and assisted with all last minute details, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. The day of, Ashley was there from the start of our Christian ceremony to the very end of my reception. She helped with all the very small details (that I even forgot I needed). We had some unforeseen mishaps (which I think every wedding has) and Ashley did not even let these things be brought to my attention, she handled everything so perfectly and maintained such a professional, pleasant mannerism. 
Just a small good deed that meant so much to me...By the end of the night I gave up on carrying my bouquet and left it on the table, not paying much attention to it when I left. The next day I remembered I didn’t bring it home and was pretty upset (because I wanted to preserve it). I was thrilled when I learnt that Ashley collected it and kept it for me. Not only did she collect that, but she collected the layers of cake that remained, left over programs, and misc items that I didn’t even consider. 
Until this day, my family continues to talk about how nice & helpful she was! It means so much to have had such a warm, friendly person behind the scenes and present from start to finish, of the biggest day to make sure everything went as I dreamed it to be!


Sania & Daiyan

We hired the services of Jewel Events as a very last minute basis; only 2 weeks before the wedding. We met a few days before our big day and Jewella created our timeline and itinerary for the day-of, as well as touched base with all vendors prior to our wedding. Jewella and her team of two others coordinated our wedding effortlessly, leaving us with nothing to worry about, except enjoy our big day! Everything was great and went smoothly, which I am sure a lot of our guests can attest to! Thank you so much Jewella and team for going above and beyond for making our day so special and easy!