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Backyard Oasis

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

“Traditional” venues have been very difficult to come across during COVID, so many of our brides have been opting for beautiful backyard weddings. What do you need to consider when planning for a backyard venue? Well, to begin, traditional venues typically come with tables, chairs, bartenders, wait staff, etc. When planning, you will have to account for each aspect.

1. Bartenders – You will have to hire bartenders for your reception. The cost is approximately $25 per hour. For every 100 guests, you should have 1-2 bartenders depending on how much your guests drink.
2. Tents – The weather is always so unpredictable no matter how many times you watch CP24, so have tents set up. You can always open the sides so it is a more backyard space. The tents are a bit costly, but worth it. Tip: If you can have the tents set up two days before, it will keep the area dry in case it rains before the wedding.
3. Tables, chairs, dancefloor – You will need to rent these items, and have someone set it all up. You can opt for no dance floor, but let your guests know to bring slippers or have a box of flip flops for guests – heels in the grass, no es Bueno. Don’t forget to rent tables for the food station, greeting table, the DJ and bar.
4. Table settings – Plates, cups, utensils, table cloths, napkins will have to be rented or made.
5. Wait staff – It is a good idea to have wait staff if there is a seated dinner. If it is a buffet, wait staff is necessary to refill the food, unless you have designated family or friends that will do this for you.
6. Food stations – The food will be out all night, so make sure you confirm with the caters if they will be providing food warmers, or if you will have to rent or buy them. If you have wait staff, you can have the wait staff put some food out in the warmers and then refill when necessary.
7. Alcohol – The general average for alcohol if you have an open bar is a drink an hour per guest, but realistically, most of our guests will probably have 2 or 3 drinks an hour.
8. Entertainment equipment – Sometimes DJs will bring their speakers and microphones, so confirm. Otherwise, you will have to rent media equipment.

There are a lot of details to cover, so start planning early and shop around for quotes. Jewel Events is always prepared to go that extra mile to help you plan your big day within your budget and your dreams. Contact the team today for all your wedding planning needs!



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