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Dress to Kill

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Alright, ladies! It’s dress shopping time! Whether we grew up with princess attire, or the tomboy couture, we all want to find the perfect dress for our wedding day. Here are some tips on how to find the perfect dress.

  1. Ease off of the design you have in mind. Sometimes we get caught up with the dress we find online, but it isn’t always the best dress for us. For example, I love the tight fitted floor length off-white dress, so that’s all I want to try on. Little do I know, if I just had a more open mind and tried on the A-line, mermaid gown, I might look way hotter.

  2. Budget. We’ve seen ladies break the bank with their wedding dresses. Maybe they buy one, or two, or three outfits for one day. By all means, if it’s within your budget, go for it. However, if you have a particular budget, try dresses within your budget range. There’s nothing worse than trying on a $10,000 dress, falling in love, and then trying to find a “similar” look within your price range. Also, keep an eye out for pop-up dress shops. They sell designer sample dresses at affordable prices. I’ve seen Vera Wang dresses for $800. Note that sample sizes aren’t a size 2; they have a pretty diverse range of sizes.

  3. Your body type. A dress to kill is the dress that fits your figure. Look up dresses for your body type online. You might get a good idea of what design AND material will give you the figure you are looking for. For example, I want that hour glass figure on my wedding day with less of my pizza/wine pudge showing. So, satin and ball gown dresses are not for me. Lace dresses fit my body to give me that shape, and will make me look slimming.

  4. Your hair style. Some ladies pick their dress first, and then their hairstyle, or vice versa. Just note that your hairstyle may make or break your dress. So look up hairstyles that will complement your dress. For example, a backless strap dress will need an up-do to show off that design, while an off the shoulder dress needs a full or partial up-do; otherwise, you take away from the elegance.

Truth is, it’s your wedding day, and you will look stunning either way! But at Jewel Events, our coordinators help you pick the dress best suited for you. Why? Because when our brides are smiling, our hearts are smiling.



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