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Make-Up “Do’s and Don’ts” on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

It’s your special day and of course you want to turn heads with your entire ensemble! You want to put together all the make-up, hairstyles and outfits you fell in love with. Here are a few “Do’s and Don’ts” for your wedding day make-up!

Do remember how the make-up will look in person and in photos. There’s a difference. Your maroon lipstick and flashy eye lashes might look great in person, but in pictures it might not give you the charming look you want. Photographers use natural lighting and bright lights, so your dark lips and big lashes might be too much of a contrast with your softer-looking wedding gown.

Don’t focus on what you like and Do focus on what looks good on you. Sometimes we get wound up in what we like or what is trending. For example, pouty lips or even contouring. Remember what looks good on you. Try new things on your trial day, but remember what works for the Insta-famous make-up girl, might not work for you.

Don’t skip the make-up trial. Although there might be an additional cost associated, the last thing you need is to have your make-up artist test your new look on the day of your wedding. You really don’t have the time to re-do your make up if you don’t like it, so having a trial well in advance is definitely worth it!

Do be prepared at your trial and be open. Bring in some pictures of bridal make-up that you like, so that the make-up artist has an idea of what you want. Also keep an open mind because the look you like may not look the best. The artist will give you their professional opinion, and may even suggest things you’ve never tried. Just follow number 3 and don’t try anything new the day of.

Do try different lipsticks in the weeks before your wedding. You’ll be taking a lot of pictures and having several drinks; you want lipstick that will last a zombie apocalypse 4 times over! Some people say ALL MAC lipsticks last, or all NYX stains are 12 hours. Reality is, my “MAC Fixed on Drama” may last 12 straight hours of a day from hell, but my “MAC Instigator” just won’t. Find that one lipstick that will last so you don’t have to worry about re-applying every time you kiss a relative.

Do tone down your smokey eye. Dramatic eyeliner and the smokey eye might look great when you first put it on, but remember, you will get sweaty with all your dancing and partying. Your smokey eye might not look as clean as it was in the beginning.

All in all, you know yourself best! Your make-up is there to enhance your natural beauty. Don’t ever think that what makes you stunning every other special occasion won’t work on one of the most important days of your life.  



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