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Must Be Kismet - Wedding Show

This past weekend was Must Be Kismet, the GTA’s largest South Asian Bridal, Wedding and Fashion Show, and Jewel Events was lucky enough to snag a coveted spot as a vendor!

            While we’ve spent our weekends at all types of bridal and wedding shows, none of them truly compare to the extravagance of Must Be Kismet. Being a vendor at this particular event will always be a memorable moment in all of our careers.

            The semi-annual event, held at the International Centre, featured the city’s premiere wedding service providers like photographers, cake decorators and event designers, a lovely performance by Grenville Pinto, well-known violinist, a VIP runway fashion show and tons of freebies and special promotions. It was by far the most extravagant and luxurious bridal show we’ve ever been a part of.

            The event was divided into different experience areas, featuring the Rodeo Drive Window Shopping Area and the Royal Garden, stunning decorations by Diya Décor, an amazing cake display by SK Confectionery and photography by the well-known Divine Method.

            South Asian wedding culture is intense—for lack of a better word. Everything from the size of the guest list to the intricacy of the bride and groom’s clothing (which often involves a costume change or two) to the many details that go into ensuring that tradition lives on when new generations are exchanging their vows is done at a level that’s hard for many cultures to match. And while Jewel Events works with all types of cultures and backgrounds, we understand the process of planning and executing even the most detailed South Asian weddings better than anyone.

            The air of the Must Be Kismet bridal show had vendors (or maybe just us?) on a high. The International Centre was buzzing with excitement, and it was a feeling that’s hard to describe.

            At our booth, we wanted to bring the fun to an exciting, but possibly stressful environment, especially for newly engaged couples. Despite all the bells and whistles, there were people who were ultimately faced with making some tough decisions in the middle of it all.

            We had about 40 couples come and spend some time with us. We had tons of games and giveaways, and just before the show was over one lucky couple scored a $50 Amazon card! We were also booked to coordinate the wedding of a lovely couple that complimented us by saying that our booth was the one they had the most fun at.

For many guests, the highlight could’ve been anything from the amazing setups to the stunning performances, but for Jewel Events, it was seeing the faces of couples, ones that we’ve planned for and ones that we haven’t. One couple returned for the second time in under a year just to support us. We spent the weekend making meaningful connections and having the opportunity to share our brand and our vision with everyone, and for us, nothing tops spreading the word about Jewel Events where we plan your dreams so you can live them!



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